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A Single Coaching Sesh


60 - Minute Zoom Coaching Call

We can work on any problem

Four weeks of Voxer Support

Replay of Coaching Call Sent to You

Seize the moment! Whether there’s an aspect of your that life feels unresolved, you're at a crossroads, or everything seems peachy but the path forward is unclear. I've got you covered. Join me on Zoom for a personalized session to navigate challenges, strategize solutions, and reclaim your power. Life's complexities are real; let's transform them into opportunities. Invest in yourself. Your time is now.

Productivity Power Pack


Four 60 - Minute Coaching Calls

Eight - weeks of Voxer support

Replay of Coaching Calls

Your goals are as good as done!

A 4-week coaching journey designed exclusively for queer men seeking purpose and leadership in their lives. In the first two weeks, we'll delve into discovering your Big Why and implementing a personalized productivity system. Uncover the core values driving your actions, and harness a productivity toolkit to propel you into meaningful, intentional action.

Moving forward, we'll focus on crafting clear and achievable goals tailored to your aspirations, followed by a strategic exploration of potential obstacles and resilience-building strategies. This comprehensive package is a roadmap to empower you, offering the tools and insights needed to lead authentically and achieve your goals with confidence.

A Stronger You


12 one-on-one Coaching Sessions

Replay of Coaching Calls Sent to you

6-Months of Accountability

Voxer Support for all 6-Months

Embark on a 12-week transformational journey tailored for queer men seeking profound personal and leadership growth. In this comprehensive coaching package, you'll master the art of understanding that thoughts are optional, gaining the power to shape your narrative. Learn to take responsibility for your emotions, unlocking a newfound emotional intelligence that empowers you to navigate life's challenges with resilience. Explore the horizon of a 10-year vision, envisioning and planning for a future that aligns with your authentic self.

This program doesn't stop there; it delves into the intricacies of understanding and expressing your emotions, fostering a deeper connection with yourself. Elevate your self-confidence through targeted strategies, unlocking the potential within. Lastly, master the art of managing relationships, developing the skills needed for authentic connections with others. This 12-week journey is your personalized roadmap to self-discovery, emotional mastery, and confident leadership, guiding you towards a future where you not only lead your own narrative but also cultivate meaningful connections with those around you.



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